Domestic Money Transfer(DMT)

While technology has blessed rural India with several digital facilities, there is still around 20% of the rural population who live beyond the cashless economy. Either they don't own a bank account or the Jan Dhan Account program has failed to cover every corner of the rural sector. To bridge this gap, the concept of DMT comes as a savior that serves the comfort of fund transfer at every door.

What is DMT?

Domestic fund transfer is a cash-to-account transfer facility available to any Indian citizen with a valid mobile number.

You need not own a bank account or go through the hassle of linking your account with your number.

The process of fund transfer is free from any restrictions and easy and simple to use. Through this service, users can transfer a specific amount of money instantly to any bank account in India.

It gives 24 hours access facility to the users and permits them to make funds transfer through any IPPB access point/post office or DMT agent nearby.

Benefits of DMT

This service is available 24/7 hours throughout the year irrespective of public holidays or nonbanking hours.
A person who doesn't have any bank account can also avail the benefit of fund transfers.
It's a quick and easy mode of transaction with no fear of data theft.
Small business owners and shops can earn additional sources of revenue by offering this service.

How to start your online money transfer business?

DMT not only benefits the customer but also provides an opportunity to local Kirana shops or small business owners to turn their shops into mini-banks.

By registering as an agent or distributor of a Money Transfer franchise with netpaisa, you can start your own DMT business.

To turn this business profitable, you as an agent have to ensure more and more people register through the platform and transfer their funds.

The more customers transit through the portal, the more commission you earn.

Platforms that serve as a money transfer agency.

As a DMT agent, you can offer money remittance services to the customers.

You can start your money transfer franchise with netpaisa by registering through the portal as an agent.

Netpaisa is a user-friendly platform that ensures smooth fund transfer across the portal.

Any registered agent to the portal can serve as a local bank to the customers. With minimal investment and zero risk, it enables people to turn their business profitable and attain a stable career.

The perk of being a tatkal money transfer agent is that it gives users financial freedom and rewards each transaction with a high commission.

Gone are the days of travelling long distances to find any nearby bank or a relative with a bank account to transfer your funds.

With DMT, People from remote areas can avail the benefit of financial services from the comfort of their homes.