NetPaisa is a well established Fintech Company which help people of rural & urban Indian to get all Banking Facility Digitally anywhere in India. It is an onestop shop for all users where they would be able get Digital Solution.

Our Leadership Team


Rinki K Singh

Founder (Business development)

Seasoned technology professional with 15+ years of experience building SAAS platforms. Notable mentions include healthcare presentation platform with 5M users and doctor finder platform with 2M registered doctors. Build & Scale many international brands, Marketing & Business development is core expertise where technology is a Plus.


Khwaab Bansal

Founder - Strategy (IIT Kanpur)

Seasoned finance professional with 8+ years of experience building quantitative finance & machine learning systems for assessing and monitoring businesses. Diverse experience in strategic roles across startups in Consumer Internet & Fintech managing $300 Mn+ portfolio.


Ratnesh Dwivedi

VP - Technology

Experiences and passions are Leveraging technology to successfully increase productivity within business, ensuring people have the tools to reach their maximum potential, create a business environment that allows for continued growth and profitability, a focus on adoption of Agile Methodology & with 18+ years of experience.


We consist of very passionate, smart and hardworking team members. They research on new technology innovate new ides and explore them. Every team member is very supportive and create a good team work.

Our innovation and continued growth
is driven by our beliefs and commitment
that keeps our inclusivity intact.

To create a network enabling digital
inclusion of Bharat driven by continuous
innovation and integrating new services
in platform.

To become one stop solution for our
channel partners and our service users in both
Rural and urban market.